Ida Helene Heidel works as a contemporary composer, flautist and teacher since 1980. Her compositions are performed in Europe, USA, Taiwan and India and played in festivals like Ultima, Tuchfuhlung, Ilios, Speculum, Yazz Yatra Bombay, Annualen, Bergen International festival and Harstad Musicfestival. She has been played in the radio in Norway, France, Germany and India. She composes for small and large ensembles, electroacoustic music, sound installations, theatre and collaborations with plastic and performing arts. She has received funding and grants from different institutions like the Norwegian Art Council, the Norwgian Composers Union, the Norwegian Artsists fundings, Foreign Affairs Department, Music Information Norway, Norwegian Composers Fundings and more.




The usefullness of the useless is good news for the artist, for art serves no useful purpose. It has to do with changing mind and spirits. John Cage





Ida Heidel - flutes

Jobic Le Masson - piano

U Aldridge Hansberry - drums

Fred Marty - bass



Recorded live in Paris at Bab-Ilo Mai 4th 2017


Photo: Judith Kan

Recording: Fred Marty

Montage: Ida Heidel






Love is like the undercurrent of a river






Solo flute performance February 2nd.2015


Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, Chennai, India


Montgolfières - A multidimentional Art & Sound Installation during the festival of 16 airballons and 28 loudspeakers. La Nuit Blanches de Meudon 03 - 05.10.2014.


Temp Suspendu

Concerto for flûte, orchestra of loadspeakers and hot air balloons. 42 min. Première 03.10.14 at 1:.00



Solo flûte performancse with électroacoustique orchestra 3 - 12 min Premières 04.10.14 20:00 and 05.10.2014 17:00


Temps Suspendu and Interférences are continuos part of the installation and are played several times during the festival.


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Geira Auestad Woitier - Visual artist, habitant of Seljord

Jean-Michel Airaud Visual artist, ingénieur and construction art installation

Maryanick Ricart - Visual artist

Serge Lacourt Sound technician, construction sound installation, Rolier

Ida Helene Heidel Composer, flautist, text, ingénieur sound installatio, Bézier

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